Hello, we’re Super Buddy and we make audio storyteller (kids speakers) for children aged 3 years and above. Our electronic audio players are screen-free and Bluetooth enabled. All content is preloaded and approved by parents, which means that this learning toy doesn’t require the Internet and is free of ads.

Now you may be wondering, why launch ‘audio-only’ kids speakers in a world that’s mad about screens/digital media? We could go on about how excessive screen time is affecting child development. But we’d rather tell you about the fun learning opportunities that Super Buddy’s parent approved and curated audio content will bring to your child.

Research shows that audio is an effective medium to support a child's intellectual, emotional, social and creative development. And that’s exactly why we created our diverse line of screen-free electronic learning toys for kids.

Here’s five reasons how it helps.

    1. Unleashes Young Imagination

What’s the best part about audio stories on kids speakers? Its potential for imagination is limitless. Without screens or images, a child’s mind instinctively creates a visual representation of whatever is being narrated. And every imagination is truly unique.

This in turn can spark creative ideas that range from free play and pretend play as they act out their favourite stories, to story-inspired art & crafts projects, song and dance. Such is the power of audio.

    1. Expands Language Skills

Audio stories for kids help to build vocabulary by exposing them to new words and phrases. It also ensures correct pronunciations and aids comprehension of different situations, accents, etc.

With preschoolers and early learners, the rhyming and repetition in children’s songs (like the popular nursery rhymes on Super Buddy) help create a foundation for learning to read and spell.

    1. Improves Attention Span & Listening Skills

Studies show that excessive screen time and exposure to the Internet has a negative impact on our attention span. This is one of the reasons why we’re seeing an increasing number of children distracted in today’s times.

Our storyteller kids speakers help build focus. How? Audio stories encourage children to grow their memory power - as they have to remember key info like characters, plots, names, etc. This can help with their attention span, focus, patience, and concentration.

    1. Emotional Skills

Audio storytelling is sureshot way to build a child’s emotional intelligence. Storylines that focus on big feelings, acts of kindness and morals in general, help children identify with the characters and indirectly learn the values modelled by them.

Using storytelling is an especially effective method to teach preschoolers how to regulate emotions as this part of their brain is still developing. For instance, on Curio Peppa, stories like ‘The Quarrel’ and ‘Piggy in the Middle’ can help build emotional skills.

    1. The opportunity for solo, free play

Unlike video/visual storytelling formats, audio content gives its audience the freedom to multitask. This means, little listeners can enjoy a story or song while dancing and acting it out, or drawing and crafting their favourite characters, while travelling and doing chores or while engaging in just about any activity.

Moreover, our audio players are designed to be child-friendly in terms of curved edges and materials used, as well as its operation. All content on these bluetooth kids speakers is preloaded, ad-free and parent-approved. So children can play independently in a secure environment without any parental intervention.

    1. Preserve India’s Storytelling Tradition

As a nation, we all love listening to stories — whether it’s through folklore, personal sharing of experiences or biographies via interviews. Similarly we enjoy passing stories on - be it family legacies, historic moments we’ve lived or current events that impact our lives.

Super Buddy storyteller players is our way of keeping this storytelling tradition alive - via a handpicked curation of folktales, famous biographies and more. The electronic toy speaker with mic has a Recording feature that also helps children and their families keep an oral history of their family’s unique stories.

Super Buddy’s bluetooth audio players for kids are available at Hamleys stores across India, on Amazon, as well as right here on our website! Browse through our product offering that has 100s of stories ranging from fairy tales and folktales to Indian mythologies and stories from around the world. We also have an audio fun learning toy for Peppa Pig fans with hours of fun moments and learning opportunities with Peppa, George, and their cast of cheeky characters.